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The Testimony of David Provencal

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The David Provencal Foundation is a "castle built on a foundation of love".

David was our brother, a real human being, subject to all the frailties of humanity and then some, but blessed with a strength of spirit which compelled him to turn his illnesses and misfortune into blessings for children in need.

Yes, there are many who claim to be advocates and friends of children, and we have seen many of them and their true motives. No, David was not selfish or untrue, he was a friend, funny, flawed, passionate, vulnerable, subject to emotions but strong enough to master them, and devote whatever time he was given to alleviate the suffering of other children, as we are all children after all. David wanted us all to dream the biggest dreams we can and strove to encourage and fulfill as many of those dreams as he could. David's time on earth was limited by the capacity of his body. Some of us have more time than others, but it is how we use that time that counts.

Upon David's passing in February 2006, his brother Richard was called to pick up the torch, as it were, to continue and magnify David's work and spirit.
Richard has committed himself to this work and in the process has driven himself with all his heart.

Just this year, Richard suffered several massive heart attacks and total kidney failure. He was hospitalized with slim hope of survival, but with the strength of spirit evidently shared by these brothers, he has survived, so that he may continue to fulfill David's mission and purpose. Richard is recovering daily with the strength of the Spirit and the grace of God. Although on dialysis and restricted in movement, he is not restricted in purpose.

On this day, we ask you to join with Richard to bring forth the David Provencal Foundation into full functionality.

History and Purpose

The David Provencal Foundation, formerly known as The New Beginnings Prosthetic Foundation, was originally founded in 1999 as a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing prosthetic limbs for children and young adults who cannot afford them, as well as rehabilitation, counseling and ancillary services to children and young adults.

According to 1999 Census Bureau figures, there are approximately 19,750 cases of pediatric limb loss each year, with 3,041 children becoming amputees without insurance coverage. Many insurance companies do not appropriately cover the cost of prosthetic limbs, and others cover only one artificial limb per lifetime, which is grossly inadequate for a growing child. The Foundation stands in the gap between the insurance companies and families with insufficient funding, providing free prosthetic limbs to children or young adults. The focus of the Foundation is the complete restoration of body, mind and spirit, while empowering with hope, dignity and independence.

We are today expanding the original mission of the Foundation to include health services such as dialysis and related services to children with kidney issues which so profoundly affected David's life and that of his brother, our Director, Richard.

The Foundation is dedicated to the work and memory of David Provencal who gave his life and spirit unselfishly to this project. It is for him that we continue this work.

We stand today ready to formally incorporate the David Provencal Foundation, which is the new name for David's New Beginnings Prosthetic Foundation, so that we may do the work which David and now we have been called to do.

But we need your help. Medical and survival expenses have stretched us thin. We need your assistance to help us incorporate and breathe life into this blessed work, to help us give this mission wings. We call upon you to open your hearts and become a part of David's dream, as we have committed our lives, hearts and spirits to do.

Donations are now being gratefully accepted so that we may begin to share our blessings. We ask you to join with us in David's spirit and memory, helping God's children in need.




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